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Learning Management Systems

Connecting people to knowledge

Cnnect provides Learning Management Systems to help organisations educate their members effectively and efficiently.

Learning that matters

Cnnect is continually evolving industry-specific Learning Management Systems to digitally transform the process of organisational education.

What we offer

Learning is not a passive process. For people to retain information the learning process must be active, engaging and fulfilling. This forms the basis of our pedagogical approach.

The courses offered to users of our app are taken through the use of electronic devices like smartphones or tablets, making them accessible to the majority of the population. eLearning has many benefits in terms of knowledge retention and accessibility, particularly mobile learning (mLearning for short). We exploit all these benefits to their maximum potential when building Learning Management Systems for our clients.

The content that Cnnect provides users for learning requires them to participate in an interactive activity relating to the topic at hand. This aspect of our Learning Management Systems entrench knowledge by having users engage neurological processes other than language to reinforce the learned information. This variety of learning exercises strengthens the teaching process and makes the knowledge easier to remember using Spaced Learning. By understanding the Forgetting Curve we can engineer Learning Management Systems that increase memory retention.

Another tool we use to enhance the learning process is positive reinforcement. When a user completes an engagement correctly (such as getting a multiple choice question right) they are given a positive message of encouragement to keep them going.

We present each topic one at a time and reinforce it, building from simple topics to much more complex ideas. This is often called drip learning or micro learning in LMS systems but it is more accurate to call it lead-learning or scaffolding learning.

All of our learning is created within the portal and there is no need for specialised skills or 3rd party software applications.

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