Challenges VS Solutions

Staff Training:

Assessments are a way for trainees to gauge their knowledge & offers a manager the ability to gauge the knowledge of their staff. Challenges occur with the constant changes in our business practice, whether it’s training on new products that require immediate attention or reiteration of company values etc. It has become increasingly expensive and a logistical nightmare for us to provide training to staff over a national organisation.

  • Expensive and logistical nightmare
  • Time spent out the field enabling competitors to gain an edge
  • Not knowing measurements of knowledge carried over to staff in training
  • Risk of knowledge carry over to customers not being 100% accurate
  • Time consuming
  • Delivering a consistent service across a national organisation
  • Full engagement of all attending the training session
  • Continuous training of staff nationwide through assessment driven education on their mobile device.
  • Eliminates time consuming classroom sessions and sales cycle disruption..
  • Enables management to understand assessment results, automatically aggregated by the system, in an easy and quick to interpret format.
  • Enables your organisation to focus its training efforts on those individuals who need it most.
  • Saves money and increases productivity by not having to take staff out of the field unnecessarily.
  • Continuous engagement on the platform by staff  through a gamified learning experience.

Distribution Chain Training

How do you close the loop between the knowledge your Staff now possess and conveying that knowledge through to your distribution channels?  

How much of the training done for Distributors is retained?  

  • How many of these product detailing sessions do they sit through monthly from various companies approaching them?
  • How do you measure the efficacy of the training to the distribution reseller?
  • How do you know that he will recommend your brand above others?
  • How does one tie brand awareness to education?
Cnnect™ has the answer to all the above questions for you.
Your Organization will be able to Cnnect™ and educate their resellers, distributors or customers daily through the utilisation of the Cnnect Digitized learning platform. Assessment monitoring on the Cnnect™ Platform makes the acquisition of learning content, knowledge and skill more efficient, effective and appealing.
  • Increased engagement through focused gamified learning.
  • Training can be immediately and simultaneously deployed regionally, nationally and internationally, in real time.
  • Eradicates costly training material production and distribution
  • Closes the loop between staff training &Re-seller, Distributor education offering your staff more time to sell, merchandise and effectively display your brands in store.
  • Training takes place on the user’s own device, in any location, at any time.
  • Use the results of the training to offer more focused training in stores where it is really needed through rep deployment.
  • Utilisation rewards program created for all of your distribution channels who engage with Cnnect™ system, daily.

The recipe to Impactful learning

Create content inline with business objectives

Select users for learning journey

Add in badges for successful completion

Pair the training with interactive gamified experiences

Create Assessment driven modules for retention

Push training to users

Measure and repeat

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