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Personal Perspectives: From Pharmacist to Dispensary Manager

June 28, 2024

Personal Perspectives - Isa

Background and Career Path

Isa, a seasoned pharmacist at Dis-chem, shares her professional journey and insights on the role of Cnnect’s learning management system (LMS) in her career development. She began her academic journey at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) from 2012 to 2015. After completing her internship at Dis-chem in 2016 and her compulsory service in Mafikeng in 2017, Isa continued her career as a grade one pharmacist for nearly three years. In 2019, she returned to Dis-chem, where she worked at various stores and was promoted to Dispensary Manager (DM) in 2022.


Choosing Pharmacy: A Personal Path

Isa’s initial interest was in medicine, but after facing challenges in admission, she was guided by her grandfather, also a pharmacist, to pursue pharmacy. This field allowed her to stay close to her passion for medicine. Isa finds fulfilment in problem-solving, especially when she can suggest effective treatments for patients, which they later confirm as helpful.


Enhancing Learning with Technology

Cnnect’s LMS, used by Dis-chem as the Dis-chem Academy app, plays a crucial role in Isa’s continuous professional development. According to Isa, the app serves as a valuable tool for refreshing memory and learning about new products.


Early on, Isa and her colleagues faced technical issues with the transition to the new Dis-chem Academy app. These issues have since been resolved, but they highlight the importance of ongoing improvements to ensure the LMS remains user-friendly and effective.


Pharmacists’ Role in Epilepsy Care

Isa emphasises the critical role pharmacists play in supporting patients with epilepsy. By closely monitoring prescriptions and patient stability, pharmacists can provide essential guidance and recommend consultations with neurologists when necessary. She underscores the importance of continuous medication adherence and the need for patients to consult healthcare professionals before making any changes to their treatment.


Education and Awareness

Isa believes that pharmacists can play a significant role in educating patients about epilepsy, particularly in areas with limited access to healthcare information. Her insights underline the importance of effective learning management systems in supporting healthcare professionals. 


Cnnect’s LMS has the potential to enhance the training and development of pharmacy staff, ultimately improving patient care. To experience the benefits of Cnnect’s comprehensive HRMS and LMS solutions, book a demo with the Cnnect team today and discover how our innovative platform can transform your organisation’s training and development programs.


Isa’s journey and experiences highlight the pivotal role of continuous learning and professional development in the pharmaceutical field. With tools like Cnnect’s platform, pharmacists can stay updated on the latest practices and provide better patient care, reinforcing the value of integrating advanced learning solutions in healthcare settings.

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