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Personal perspectives: Insights from a pharmacist

September 29, 2023

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We had the privilege of interviewing Kamenthiren Govender, a seasoned pharmacist and pharmacy manager with over 24 years of experience in the healthcare industry. In this edition, we delve into his thoughts on the Clicks-Ed platform, his perspective on the pharmaceutical profession, and the crucial role of mental health awareness.

Kamenthiren’s journey in pharmacy began with a desire to contribute to the healthcare field and to make a positive impact on people’s lives. His job allows him to fulfil this aspiration, as he finds immense satisfaction in helping and engaging with a diverse population of customers.

ClicksEd Cnnect

Regarding the Clicks-Ed Cnnect platform, Kamenthiren praises its modernity, efficiency, and unique feature of being data-free. He describes it as a fantastic resource that provides essential up-to-date information to healthcare professionals, enhancing their knowledge and facilitating ongoing learning. Furthermore, the platform assists him with his Continuing Professional Development (CPD), reducing stress and making his job more manageable.

One aspect of the Clicks-Ed Cnnect platform that particularly resonates with Kamenthiren is the rewarding system implemented for course completion. He appreciates the incentives offered to motivate users to work diligently and finish their courses, further enhancing their professional growth.

Mental health awareness

Shifting focus to mental health awareness, Kamenthiren emphasizes its significance, especially as Mental Health Awareness Month approaches in July. As a pharmacy catering to a large number of university students, the role they play in promoting mental health awareness becomes vital.

Kamenthiren observes that the transition from high school to university often presents significant challenges, leading to a rise in mental health conditions among students. Many students he encounters are dealing with various mental health challenges, often requiring medication such as anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, or medications for psychosis. Kamenthiren and his pharmacy team recognize their clinical role in supporting these patients, being the initial resource available to them. They provide information, resources, and guidance while also referring them to additional professional help when necessary.

To further assist customers with mental health conditions, Kamenthiren’s pharmacy has taken proactive steps. They have established a quiet room where individuals can discuss their concerns privately and comfortably with a healthcare professional. Moreover, they prioritize customer comfort by allowing them to choose a healthcare professional they feel most at ease with, be it a male, female, senior, or young professional.

Additional Resources

Kamenthiren’s team goes the extra mile by utilizing additional resources to provide comprehensive information to customers. When needed, they collaborate with the customer’s personal doctors or other healthcare specialists to ensure they receive the best advice, information, and resources for their specific condition.

To stay updated on mental health-related information and medication, Kamenthiren seeks the assistance of pharmacy representatives. He actively seeks more information and organizes trainings to continually educate himself and his colleagues.

When faced with patients hesitant to begin treatment for mental health conditions, Kamenthiren takes the time to engage in conversations, listen to their concerns, and provide counselling, information, and resources. His aim is to reassure and empower patients to pursue treatment. If the patient remains hesitant, he collaborates with the healthcare professional who prescribed the medication to explore the matter further and find the best course of action.

Kamenthiren identifies the lack of mental health awareness as a significant barrier to seeking treatment. By destigmatising mental health conditions and normalising conversations around them, he believes it will be easier for individuals to overcome their fears and seek the help they need.

Lastly, Kamenthiren recognizes that many patients he encounters are managing multiple medications simultaneously to treat various conditions. Building and maintaining a good relationship with these customers is essential. By understanding their personal history, behaviour, and concerns, he can provide effective assistance and advice while ensuring their safety and well-being.

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