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Personal perspectives: The Nurse Who Nurtures

November 6, 2023

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We’re excited to spotlight Meryl Moyce—a Clicks Nursing Practitioner whose commitment to healthcare is both inspiring and noteworthy. Although Meryl embarked on her nursing journey at 36, her commitment is as steadfast as any lifelong healthcare provider. Originating from KZN and settling in Cape Town, she made a significant career pivot—from a B.Com degree to embracing a medical and nursing profession. Her early affection for healthcare, as reflected in her childhood pretend-play doctor games, paved the way for a fulfilling role in nursing.

What truly drives Meryl is her ability to connect with patients. Unlike her initial ambition in the corporate world, Meryl’s real vocation lies in nursing—a field where genuine interactions and benevolence take centre stage. Her patient-centric approach underscores her love for positively influencing people’s lives.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Meryl advocates for ongoing learning within the healthcare arena. She singles out Clicks-Ed Cnnect as an indispensable platform that has broadened her medical expertise. This mobile-friendly platform extends its utility beyond nursing, covering even pharmaceutical topics—a boon for on-the-go professionals like her. Meryl also accentuates the value of self-directed learning, be it updating one’s product knowledge or understanding patient needs more deeply.

Nurturing Motherhood

Meryl’s role is multifaceted when it comes to aiding breastfeeding mothers. She perceives herself as a blend of friend, counsellor, educator, and medical facilitator. Acknowledging the hurdles new mothers face, she and her team strive to offer a sanctuary of support and care. Her approach is grounded in trust, candid communication, and heartfelt empathy.

Lack of information is often a stumbling block for mothers hesitant about breastfeeding. Meryl’s strategy involves educating these mothers through hands-on demonstrations, tailored product advice, and expert referrals. Her objective is not just to inform but to empower, ensuring that mothers make well-rounded decisions for themselves and their babies.

Meryl highlights the ticking clock as a common deterrent to breastfeeding. The struggle to juggle life and nursing duties, particularly for working mothers, can make breastfeeding seem like an unattainable task. Meryl underscores the necessity for healthcare providers to present a range of feeding alternatives that fit diverse lifestyles and constraints.

Precision in Care

When encountering breastfeeding challenges, Meryl employs a methodical approach—asking probing questions to identify underlying concerns. Such detailed inquiry allows her to offer customised advice, treatments, or specialist referrals. This patient-focused methodology ensures mothers get the precise support they require on their breastfeeding path.

Meryl Moyce is a paragon of devotion and skill in both nursing and patient care. Her unwavering commitment to continuous learning, empathic caregiving, and a strong focus on patient education makes her an invaluable asset to the healthcare community and, by extension, to Clicks.

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