Jean-Pierre PretoriusManaging Director

With over 11 years’ experience within the pharmaceutical business, JP has worked with the biggest of Pharmaceutical companies, executing their marketing strategies and coming up with inventive solutions to ensure that their customers are engaged and active no matter how challenging the task. Having worked for 3 Major Pharma companies, it has paved the way for JP to understand the skills shortage within these companies and therefore apply his knowledge to the
Cnnect business and drive education nationwide.

JP has also spent 6 years as the National Sales Manager for the leaders in e-procurement solutions in the Pharma Industry, growing their business year on year. He has utilised his experience and relationships in the Industry to build sustainable solutions for these companies by applying his knowledge of the industry to the software program he was selling at that stage.

JP’s Value in this business lies within the understanding of both sides of the coin, having worked for a few Pharmaceutical companies and also having worked on the Procurement / Software side, Being innovative and selling tech to these companies at the highest level.

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