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Unlocking the Power of Mobile Learning

October 20, 2022

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Learning

In an era where information flows freely, and connectivity knows no bounds, the digital landscape has revolutionised access to knowledge. The internet has ushered in a new way of learning, seamlessly connecting people across distances and offering diverse resources at our fingertips. Empowered by smartphones, a vast majority now carry the means to engage with sophisticated learning platforms anytime, anywhere.

Embracing the ethos of problem-solving and adaptability, Cnnect champions a Mobile Learning (mLearning) approach. It’s centred around the delivery of educational content through portable devices. Whether casually perusing Wikipedia or seeking information via a quick phone call, every interaction means you’re learning on the go. In today’s landscape, fuelled by the dynamics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), mobile learning emerges as an increasingly prevalent mode of education.

Integrating mLearning into Corporate Education

Although casual mLearning has incredible value to the wider population, when organised through an integrated Learning Hub, tied with an optimal pedagogical approach, mLearning holds immense value for education, particularly within corporate operations. The use of the cellphone as the primary learning tool is a considered one. Users look at their phones 1000s times a day and associate their smartphones with reliable information. If you need a quick factoid, chances are that you will quickly do an internet search on your phone.

The visual layout of content formatted for phones also supports our learning. Humans are good at remembering shorter sentences. Books and novels are presented in portrait mode because our brains and eyes can consume the data presented in a shorter single line of text much easier than a long sentence on a computer screen in landscape.

Take this sentence for example:

I have a cat named Woof. Woof is a rescue and not terribly clever. He gets into fights and, being a small cat, loses them, and I tend to spend quite a lot of time as his bodyguard. This is done to save me money on vets bills.

When presented this way the information seems like quite a lot to take in, but if we present the info like this:

I have a cat named Woof.

Woof is a rescue.

Woof is not clever.

He gets into fights and loses because he is small.

I spend loads of time protecting him.

I do this to save on vets bills.

The chances of you reading each sentence and understanding what is happening are much greater. Your brain has time to assimilate each point. We do the same with our Learning Hub. We present and reinforce each topic one at a time, building from simple topics to much more complex ideas. This is called drip learning or microlearning

All of our learning content is created within a single platform, and there is no need for specialised skills or 3rd party software applications to use it effectively. It’s user-friendly and ideal for organisational education and employee engagement at all scales. The decentralised structure of mLearning means that it can occur anywhere. Users can access the information in their personal time at home or when they have a gap. It’s adaptable to their own schedules and habits, allowing them to dip in and out of the content without worrying about making a huge time commitment.

mLearning presents numerous opportunities to gamify learning, enhance retention, and spark genuine employee involvement. These incentives promote regular learning behaviours among platform users. Beyond gamification, mLearning enables educators to use various media formats, such as images, videos, and audio, making the medium highly interactive and engaging.
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