Engage conference attendees in an easy, effective & appealing way.


Engagement is usually considered as a measure of success. How do you get your conference attendees to engage with your brand? With so many stands offering “Freebies” one would wish to educate the masses whilst rewarding them for their participation. The key is to make the activities interactive, fun, easy to execute and most importantly; Highly effective. Reality is that brand engagement is difficult to measure:

  • Difficult to measure, although brands use it to measure return on investment
  • Engagement and communication with the brand is one-sided
  • Further efforts must be made to convert customers to regular consumers
  • No insight into who your consumers are
  • No insight into channel performance and success
  • No insight into the time spent engaging with the brand


Cnnect has the answer to all the above questions for you. Enhance engagement with your brand across multiple channels, promote positive brand sentiment and drive marketing activities, whilst revealing who your consumers are and which channels work best for them.

  • Promote positive brand sentiment and drive marketing activities through gamified elements, video, and competitive rivalry.
  • Activate your audience over traditional channels and generate a database for future marketing efforts (consumers’ details are sourced as they click on the link).
  • Compare the traffic and leads generated by activation channels to determine the consumers’ channel of preference, and adjust your marketing spend.
  • Easy, flexible way to build and adapt custom interactions to drive engagement.
  • Promote two-way engagement and communication.
  • Valuable data and reports that record interactions on digital touch points, and time spent engaging with the brand.
  • Include incentives that turn engagement into consumption (return on investment), promoting repeat behavior.
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