Engage Pharmacists in an easy, effective & appealing way


How do you close the loop between the knowledge your reps now possess and relaying that knowledge through to your customers?

  • How much of the detailing done does the pharmacist take in?
  • How many of these product detailing sessions does he sit through monthly?
  • How do you measure the efficacy of your reps training to the pharmacist?
  • How do you know that he will recommend your brand above others?
  • How does one tie brand awareness to education?


Cnnect has the answer to all the above questions for you. A manufacturer will be able to Cnnect™ and educate their customers daily through the utilisation of the C-Nnect Educational platform. Assessment monitoring on the Cnnect Platform makes the acquisition of learning content, knowledge and skill more efficient, effective and appealing.

  •  Increased engagement through gamification.
  • Training can be immediately and simultaneously deployed regionally, nationally and internationally, in real time.
  • Eradicates costly training material production and distribution
  • Closes the loop between Rep training & Customer education offering the rep more time to sell, merchandise and effectively display your brands in pharmacy..
  • Training takes place on the Pharmacists own device, in any location, at any time
  • Use the results of the training to offer more focused training in pharmacies where it is really needed through rep deployment.
  • Utilisation rewards programme created for pharmacists who engage with Cnnect portal daily.
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