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Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency for Logico

June 17, 2023

Logico Launch Announcement

Operating in today’s ever-changing business landscape requires companies to adopt advanced technology solutions that can optimise their operations and enhance efficiency levels exponentially – something which Logico, a renowned provider of FMCG solutions in Eswatini has achieved in its partnership with Cnnect.

From the outset, Logico has placed a strong emphasis on recognising its employees as the most valuable asset within the company. Fostering a culture of empowerment and growth, Logico actively creates opportunities for individuals to develop and flourish. Central to this commitment is a robust training programme, encompassing both internal and external resources. Continuous improvement lies at the heart of Logico’s approach, with a relentless focus on personal mastery, ensuring that employees have the necessary tools and support to excel in their professional growth journey.

By leveraging a full suite of technologies that utilises Cnnect’s Learning Management System (LMS), HR Management Hub and Communication Tools, Logico have transformed their employee engagement practices. This article offers an insight into the many benefits that this strategic partnership has brought to their operations.

Enhanced Learning and Development Opportunities

One of the transformations Logico has seen is in the area of employee learning and development opportunities, thanks to the introduction of Cnnect’s LMS, which presents employees with a centralised platform to access training materials and educational courses. As an mlearning platform this content is accessible regardless of location or department. 

Cnnect’s pedagogical approach includes several teaching techniques including gamification and spaced learning. Interactive modules, multimedia content and personalised development plans are accessible for all employees, and through assessments, individual progress tracking ensures continual up-skilling.

Improved HR Management

Another impressive overhaul is in HR process management using our HR Management Hub. This system functions as a permanent intranet, allowing for direct communication to HR, access to company documents (such as payslips and leave documents) and job postings.

Furthermore, the central database simplifies record-keeping, enabling the HR team to focus on driving strategies to support employee engagement and retention, amongst others.

Strengthened Organisational Communication

Another significant transformation has been the intra-organisational communication at Logico. The information sharing capabilities of Cnnect’s communication tools (including one-way broadcast messaging to the entire team, and two-way communication that improves project management as well as team collaboration) have strengthened the synergy between departments, providing the foundation for a seamless workflow process throughout Logico. Through discussion groups, file-sharing, and videos, it is effortless to promote connections, exchange ideas, and solve problems.

By embracing Cnnect’s bespoke SaaS solutions, Logico has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation; ready to tackle future challenges and achieve sustained success in a dynamic business landscape. If you would like to learn more about our services contact the Cnnect team today.

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