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Tools for Improving Employee Engagement

April 12, 2023

Tools for Improving Employee Experience

Learning is an active and engaging journey that demands our full attention and commitment. In today’s fast-paced world, distractions are everywhere, but true knowledge retention and application come from active engagement. This involves asking questions, seeking answers, and participating in hands-on experiences that bring theory to life. At Cnnect, we’re here to help you navigate this journey and maximise every learning opportunity.


Our Mobile-based learning management systems (LMS), human resource management systems (HRMS), and communication tools can significantly improve employee engagement. We explore how these methods achieve that and so much more.


Mobile-based Learning Management Systems

Mobile-based LMS allow employees to access training and development resources anytime, anywhere. The Cnnect app’s courses, for example, are taken using electronic devices like smartphones or tablets, making them accessible to much of the population. Cnnect’s courses also require users to participate in interactive activities that engage different cognitive processes, reinforcing learning and improving memory retention.


Positive reinforcement encourages progress, and topics are presented gradually from simple to complex ideas. All learning is created within the portal, eliminating the need for specialised skills or third-party software applications. These features increase job satisfaction and empower employees to grow at their own pace, leading to higher engagement.


Human Resource Management Systems

HRMS streamline HR processes and reduces administrative tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus on more strategic activities such as monitoring key metrics. By automating tasks such as performance management and employee feedback, HRMS can provide employees with a more streamlined and efficient experience, leading to higher levels of engagement. Cnnect’s HR system serves as a constantly available intranet for organisations. It allows for documents to be categorised for all users or specific criteria like departments, regions, or job titles.


The HR management solution (HRMS) offers several other key features. For instance, it provides an archive of company policies, which HR employees can search and reference for clarity. The system also tracks policy views and notifies users of updates. Moreover, the HR Hub allows access to payslips, IRP5 documents, leave balances and leave applications.


Employees can communicate directly with the Human Resources officer in charge of their role, reporting problems, requesting information, and making suggestions. The HR Hub also displays internal vacancies and job positions, enabling users to apply. Furthermore, the service supports employee wellness programmes and applications for studies through surveys.


Communication Tools

Effective communication is essential to employee engagement. Cnnect’s Communication Tools are split into two basic categories: One-way communication tools such as newsletters, company updates, and announcements can help employees feel informed and connected to the organisation. Two-way communication tools like chat, messaging, and feedback systems can help employees feel heard and valued, leading to increased engagement.


Mobile-based communication tools provide employees with instant access to communication channels, which can improve engagement and collaboration. By enabling real-time communication and providing employees with more channels to share feedback, communication tools can help employees feel connected and supported.


In addition, mobile-based communication tools can improve team productivity by allowing employees to communicate and collaborate on projects from anywhere, at any time. This can lead to higher levels of engagement as employees feel more involved and invested in their work.


Mobile-based LMS, HRMS, and communication tools equip employees with the support and resources they need to feel engaged and connected to your organisation. By empowering career growth, streamlining HR processes, and enhancing communication, these tools help foster a more engaged and productive workforce. Ready to see the difference? Book a demo today.

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